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What are the arts? Baryn Futa shares.

November 24, 2020

The arts are more than pretty pictures or statues. And the high arts are much more than meets the eye. Baryn Futa is an arts benefactor and appreciator who shares his knowledge with others to gain additional support, love and dollars for the arts community.

Baryn Futa recognizes that most individuals think of the globally famous works of arts such as Starry Night or Mona Lisa when they hear the word “art.” But it goes well beyond that world-renowned art history. The arts extend to visual displays, pottery, poetry, photography, cartoons, sketches and painting. It’s viewed on sides of buildings and within exhibitions large and small. It’s unknown names who create beauty. And, adds Futa, the high arts goes beyond this; the high arts are culturally appreciated by those with the most cultivated, sophisticated taste who can see beyond the outer facade to the artistic piece’s greater meaning.